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October 2001. News and Events -Week 4-
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Artificial intelligence for transportation safety

Ottawa-based Precarn Inc. is asking Canadian researchers to come up with artificial intelligence systems for transportation safety and security following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.
Artificial intelligence systems can help authorities better manage crises. For example, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh used intelligent agents to plan escape routes following a simulated terrorist attack in Kuwait City three years ago.


BadBlue is a lightweight application that will turn your computer into a Web Server, so you can share files with other people. You just have to specify which folders you want to share, then you can build your own private community of friendly machines, or search other computers running BadBlue, identified automatically on IRC-sharing servers.

InterWARN: monitor the weather

With InterWARN, be the first to know when severe weather will strike, with automated instant access to all the latest watches, warnings, and advisories from the National Weather Service. InterWARN is completely customisable and has an interactive interface that allows you to get the information you want with options that include visual and audio alarms

Alexa, all the info in one bar!

Alexa has just been released in version 6.0. In the form of a horizontal bar integrated to your browser, Alexa brings you detailed statistics about the site you are visiting and suggests other relevant links to check out. Perfect for extending the boundaries as you surf the Web, Alexa is now even more user-friendly and convivial than before.

Napster: changing faces

Embattled song-swap company Napster on Wednesday said it plans to cut about 16 jobs out of its total work force of 104 people.
Napster attracted nearly 60 million users at its peak by letting people swap songs for free.
The service has been idle since July, however, due to technical glitches it faced while trying to comply with a court order barring it from letting people trade copyrighted material.
Napster is currently working to transform its service into a secure, membership-charging platform it plans to launch later this year.

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