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October 2001. News and Events -Week 3-
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Intelligent pyjamas could prevent cot deaths

A new type of baby pyjamas, developed by the Belgian company Verhaert Design and Development and the University of Brussels (ULB), could help in preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), commonly known as cot death.
Called "Mamagoose pyjamas", the babysuit has five special sensors positioned over the breast and stomach, to monitor the infant's heartbeat and respiration. This double sensor system gives a high level of measuring precision. The special sensors are actually built into the cloth and have no direct contact with the body, thus creating no discomfort for the baby.

Citizen and IBM for a wearable computer

Citizen Watch Co. will work with IBM Research to commercialise IBM's wristwatch PC.
Yuzo Shirazaki, director of Citizen's watch movement division, said the Watchpad platform will enable new human-machine applications. The watch features a 320 x 240-dot monochrome VGA display, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, an IrDA wireless link, plus speaker, microphone and fingerprint-sensor functions.

Alice wins again!

The chatterbot Alice has won the Loebner Prize for the second time. The program triumphed in this annual chatterbot competition to find the computer with the best conversational skills.
The judges had to chat via text to both chatterbot programs and humans and try to work out who was man and who was machine. While no computer ranked higher overall than the human participants, one judge did consider Alice to be a better conversationalist than one of the humans!

Cyber-Info Email Notify

Cyber-Info Email Notify is an e-mail notification utility that can check multiple POP3accounts as well as, HotMail, Yahoo Mail and other Webmail Servers. You can then launch an external mail reader or quickly view, delete and send e-mail without having to load your full e-mail package.

KaZaA: as free as ever

Apparently untroubled by the majors' legal attacks in the USA, KaZaA is extending its service to the Linux community. Even if the "alpha" version currently available remains very limited compared to its Windows counterpart, this initiative shows KaZaA's determination to keep building its file-sharing community, which is already one of the largest on the Net at the moment.

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