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October 2001. News and Events -Week 2-
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Tahni: a top model on your desktop

Tahni is a sexy supermodel who lives and plays on your desktop. She reacts if you touch her or move her around the screen with your mouse. If you leave her alone, she will amuse herself and entertain you in the process.

Conference on Web Intelligence

The First Asia-Pacific Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'2001) will be held on October 23-26, 2001 in Maebashi City, Japan.
This is an international forum for researchers and practitioners. By sharing ideas and discussions on the underlying foundations and the enabling technologies of Web intelligence, WI-2001 is expected to stimulate the future development of new models, methodologies, and tools for building a variety of embodiments of Web-based intelligent information systems.

Web Accelerator: boost your connection speed

Web Accelerator is one of the most popular Web accelerators in the world, with over 2 million copies in use. As well as speeding up page display time, Web Accelerator can recover transmissions from lost connections, computer shutdowns and other errors. It integrates fully into Netscape and Internet Explorer. Stop waiting for web pages to load

Activeworlds: a unique virtual world!

The real world seems kind of bland and boring? Then take a trip around a gigantic, colourful virtual world. The Active Worlds Universe is a community of hundreds of thousands of users that communicate and build 3D virtual reality worlds on millions of kilometres of virtual territory.

Speaking heads for Instant Messaging

Blaze International, provider of software and communication tools to humanise the Internet, has launched IMpersona, a novel enhancement for the 32 million users of MSN Messenger. IMpersona allows MSN Messenger users to see facial movement and hear speech when their buddies interact with them via text.
The product transforms ordinary text into mouth movements and speech, emulating human gestures such as smiling, which can be triggered by emoticons within the program.

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