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September 2001. News and Events -Week 3-
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WebWhacker Education Edition: make the Web safer

WebWhacker Educators Edition is great for educators and parents who wish to safeguard their kids by creating approved directories of Web sites for browsing! When you use WebWhacker you have 100% control over Web content viewed by children, because it is you who chooses the sites they can see.

URLBlaze: peer-to-peer searching

URLBlaze is a multi-file search system integrating the power of verified web search and the robustness of its decentralized, peer-to-peer search system. Rather then giving access to your hard-drive and share files, URLBlaze shares the URLs of files you have downloaded using your browser or download manager. To deliver the best results URLBlaze harnesses the power of its online users as well as the power of many major search engines over the net.

Desktop News launches Music Ticker!

Desktop News Corporation, a specialist in "push" dissemination of information, has released a beta version of its latest product, Music Ticker. Still based on the principle of "pushing" information to users, Music Ticker only deals in music news. The latest show-biz gossip, hot new video clips and song extracts, as well as special reports, are just a few clicks away.

L&H: voice recognition company goes bust

"Lernout & Hauspie in Belgium has been declared bankrupt by the commercial court," a company spokesman said.
L&H decided not to appeal against the decision handed down by Judge Michel Handschoewerker in the court of Ieper, the western Belgian town where it has its European headquarters. Company representatives will meet with the five trustees and three commissioners appointed by the court to oversee the disposal of the company's assets.
L&H was a pioneer in the technology that allows people to give computers spoken commands. Last year a scandal about inflated sales figures in Asia erupted and forced the company to seek bankruptcy protection in Belgium and the United States.

What's up Robo Doc?

A five-minute vision test using a laptop computer with a touch-sensitive screen can be used on Earth and in space to help diagnose the onset of eye diseases and even certain types of brain tumors.
With one eye covered, a person sits in front of a computer screen divided into a grid. The subject stares at a central spot on the touch-sensitive screen and, using a finger, outlines missing areas of the grid. The computer records, processes and displays a 3-D image of the subject's visual field. The test for each eye takes about 4 to 5 minutes.

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