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May 2001. News and Events -Week 1-
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Dance of the water spiders

Eight giant robotic spiders, programmed with artificial instincts (and painted in Beetle colors by Scott Volkswagen), will dart about a Charles River cove (USA) in a spirited ballroom dance of avoidance on May 6th 2001. Pioneer cyberartist, Remo Campopiano, designed and built the spiders with the help of the Robotics Art Club of New England, a group of 10-13 year olds. The spiders will be dancing to an original composition by composer/conductor, Ernesto Klar.

Remote monitor your home or office

Keep watch of your house while on vacation, make sure the kids don't get into trouble by watching their play areas, remotely monitor dangerous, hazardous and inhospitable industrial areas or maintain a safe and secure office from the comfort of your computer.
Video VoxPhoneMONITOR lets you aim the camera where you'd like to watch. You can actually see and hear the areas you are monitoring live, in real-time and full motion. The only limitations are from your Internet Service Provider's available bandwidth. The higher-speed the bandwidth, the better the images are.

eLiza project: your server becomes autonomous

Project eLiza is working toward systems using artificial intelligence that can configure, optimise, heal, and protect themselves, while the user focuses on the more significant things.
In five years, given the rapid proliferation of technology and the growing shortage of trained systems administrators, the majority of corporations will not be able to manage their systems using the current computing technologies. Project eLiza's goal is to give businesses the ability to manage systems and technology infrastructures that are hundreds of times more complex than those in existence today.

Your Internet Enabled Device saves energy!

Some 500 Houston-area households (USA) will soon be part of an energy-saving pilot program that enables consumers to control their thermostats via the Internet. The program will allow thermostats to be adjusted from almost anywhere, with any Internet-enabled device. The program will be launched this summer by The New Power Company™, and its partners. For the typical household, the three-month pilot could result in up to 10-15 percent utility bill savings based on personal usage and home size.

Multiagent Robotic Systems by Jiming Liu

This book provides a guided tour of the pioneering work and major technical issues, Multiagent Robotic Systems addresses learning and adaptation in decentralized autonomous robots. Its systematic examination demonstrates the interrelationships between the autonomy of individual robots and the emerged global behavior properties of a group performing a cooperative task. The author also includes descriptions of the essential building blocks of the architecture of autonomous mobile robots with respect to their requirement on local behavioral conditioning and group behavioral evolution. The book costs $89.95 and it will be published during this month (May 2001).

TopDog: as long as your site is on InternetTopDog, the Web position agent, has been updated. Many search engines have been added such us Alta Vista Suisse, Sympatico-Lycos English, Japan and Yahoo Norge. Some engines have also been removed or updated: and Zipee, which are no longer online, have been removed;, which no longer has a search feature; removed submission support for, which has stopped accepting submissions; Updated query driver for Lycos; etc.

Elan Informatique launches PocketSpeech the new text-to-speech product for Pocket PC(TM)

"Elan informatique", a supplier of Text-To-Speech (TTS) software, announced PocketSpeech, the new text-to-speech product for Pocket PC(TM).
PocketSpeech will read any text out loud, smoothly recognizing abbreviations, numbers, currencies and proper names. PocketSpeech speaks 6 languages with 12 different voices.
Keeping track of the news, traffic reports, weather forecasts, plane or concert reservations, stock market updates or e-mails: users can hear everything they want to know without interrupting other activities.

Keep a watch on your home via Internet

The i-Watch service enables you to access images sent from your i-Guard safety equipment in real time from any PC connected to the Internet and equipped with a browser, wherever you are, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
According to a professional, more than 9 out of every 10 alarms are false alarms (you didn't disconnect your alarm when arriving home, you made an error in the code...). and do not justify sending a guard to the house.
When an alarm goes off, you are immediately informed by e-mail and on your cellular phone.  The interactive video system allows you to operate the cameras by remote control and to react more quickly.

AudioLocator: for online use onlyRelated Links

AudioLocator software, the MP3 search tool, is no longer available for download, however it is still available to use for all current users. With the launch of a new website, you can still search for music files with a free, web-based version of AudioLocator.  This will be the same powerful search tool, except web-based instead of software-based.

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