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June 2001. News and Events -Week 2-
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Company Sleuth moves to subscription model

Company Sleuth, the site that gives you the ability to stake out and track business activities, financial moves, Internet dealings and legal actions of companies has moved to a subscription model.
The annual fee costs $79.95. The subscription allows you to track information on up to 50 companies and receive daily reports via e-mail.

An intelligent vest

The T-34 Tactile Situation Awareness System (TSAS) flight demonstration project integrates a tactile display into the T-34 aircraft. A 7-event test operation was conducted to demonstrate that a pilot could maintain aircraft orientation using a tactile display during flying operations.
"In video games you are often shooting ... or having someone shoot at you. You manipulate the mouse to see your target or enemy," said Captain Angus Rupert of the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory. "Imagine if the sense of touch could show you where the target or enemy was without you having to see it.
But the vest, which Rupert estimates will cost $5,000 apiece to produce, is not yet ready to go into the cockpit because it needs more tests.
"The kids will probably get them sooner than pilots because the profit sector is greater in that market," Rupert said.

Listen to your portal

Idylic is a software publisher specialized in vocal access to information. Their solutions allow users to develop personalized applications to reach all types of information, by voice in real time .
By using voice synthesis and speech recognition modules, VoiceXML Gateway allows you to listen to your e-mail messages and check your scheduler via a mobile phone..

An intelligent house

Patrick Deutsch has his home completely wired with X10 technology. He can control the temperature, lights, music and TV with voice commands.
The house wakes Deutsch up just the way he likes it: with a smooth computerized voice emanating from high-end speakers telling him the time and the temperature outside. His bathroom lights sense when someone enters, then automatically brighten. Five minutes of movement cause a ventilation fan to start spinning.
He can also make changes from afar. Because the system can be run from a secure Web page, he can use any computer with an Internet connection to control the lights, thermostat, garage and other X-10-retrofitted products.
His home networking software has a voice recognition component that lets him send commands through a wireless microphone.

JuzzFone, India's first voice portal

Developed by Philips and Antarix e Applications Ltd. (formerly JuzzFone is a speech-enabled Internet portal that enables users to surf the Internet through the telephone. It is based on Philips' unique TrueDialogue platform SpeechMania, which allows people to conduct a truly natural dialogue with an automated system, as if talking to a human operator. JuzzFone offers customers in India access to information services such as news, horoscopes, and election results, through an ordinary telephone.

Motorola and Flashline for a Wireless Lego Robot

Motorola and Flashline have combined the power of wireless technology, Java(tm) development and reusable software components to develop the ultimate wirelessly controlled robot.
The Motorola i50sx handset with Java technology and "always on" Internet access can be used to remotely control a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot using a component-based application running on the phone. Users can remotely send commands from the Motorola i50sx phone through the Internet to the robot, which will dance, clap its hands, wag its tail, and move around in response.

Understanding Agent Systems

This book, by Inverno, M. and Luck, M., presents a formal approach to dealing with agents and agent systems. The framework provides precise and unambiguous meanings for common concepts and terms for agent systems, allows for the description of alternative agent models and architectures, and serves as a foundation for subsequent development of increasingly refined agent concepts.
The methodology presented takes a very significant step towards organizing and structuring the diverse and disparate landscape of agent-based systems by applying formal methods to develop a defining and encompassing agent framework.

Wear your mobile assistant

Xybernaut, a specialist in wearable computer components, has unveiled its Mobile Assistant® V (MA V).
The MA V includes a speech recognition engine that has the potential to allow users to operate the wearable computer "hands free," company officials said.
Wearable PCs can allow workers in close quarter environments such as aircraft maintenance technicians to access needed data files and perform tasks normally requiring a PC or laptop. The MA V's computing platform is capable of hosting any Windows, Linux or Unix operating system. It will be available in mid-June in price around US$3,995.

Artificial Life closes its European operations

Boston based Artificial Life, Inc. has announced that it has shut down its operations in Russia and that its German and Swiss subsidiaries will file for bankruptcy protection. The Company has also laid off almost all of its global and US staff.
The Company also announced that Nasdaq has notified the Company on May, 30, 2001, that it has determined that the Company is not in compliance with the net tangible asset requirements ($4,000,000) for continued listing on the National Market.

AI in space

Software that can make decisions without guidance from humans will guide a constellation of spacecraft that launch in 2002, according to NASA.
The software builds on previous efforts to use artificial intelligence to control a spacecraft (such as NASA's Remote Agent experiment, which controlled the Deep Space 1 spacecraft during portions of several days in 1999). However, this new software uses more advanced technology to respond more quickly to events and will command a mission continuously for a period of approximately three months.
The Artificial Intelligence program will direct three miniature satellites, allowing them to respond to events on their own.

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