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June 2001. News and Events -Week 1-
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The humanoid project

The objective of the project at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) is to produce a bipedal humanoid robot, of human dimensions and weight. The plan is to build the robot around a plastic human skeleton and control it with a hierarchy of evolutionary systems. A 60 cm tall prototype named ELVIS has already been built, whose objective is to try various hypotheses regarding hardware and control software. Its creators are motivated by a strong belief in the future importance of humanoid robotics for industry, research and society in general.

AI at the University of New South Wales

The Department of Artificial Intelligence is a part of the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Australia. The mission of the Department of Artificial Intelligence is to use computational models to study the nature of intelligence, to use what is learnt from this study to construct useful tools, to train students in developing intelligent systems and thereby to assist in social and technological development.
A key research goal is to ensure that the massive amounts of data becoming available through modern information systems can be fully and reliably utilised. The aim is to develop technology that can support humans in better handling a diverse range of creative or complex tasks.

TopDog: improve your website ranking

TopDog, the web position agent that improves your ranking in the top Internet search engines, has been updated. Some new search engines have been added, such us Google Switzerland, Alta Vista Switzerland and FR, Alta Vista Switzerland and IT, Sympatico-Lycos English.
Query drivers have also been updated for Excite UK, HotBot France, OzSearch, Spray Sverige and TopDog analyzes 262 of the top search engines for your web site and keywords, showing where you and your competitors are positioned.

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