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July 2001. News and Events -Week 5-
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The smart house by IBM

Imagine being paged with word that the milk in the refrigerator has spoiled. Imagine turning off the porch light at home while vacationing at the beach. In the future, when the words "home computer" take on new meaning, it might be possible. That future is on display now at an IBM lab, where researchers are testing new technology in a fully furnished living room, kitchen and garage.

A Droid for the International Space Station

Inspired by science fiction classics, NASA scientists are building a talking, thinking and flying robot to help astronauts with their chores in space. It's a computerized personal assistant with artificial intelligence.
The design was actually inspired by the small floating sphere that Luke Skywalker sparred against in the original "Star Wars".
Soon these little robots, called "Personal Satellite Assistants" (PSAs), may be flying on board the space shuttle and living in the International Space Station (ISS). They will help the crew save valuable time by assisting with routine tasks. And they could be lifesavers when emergencies arise.

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