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July 2001. News and Events -Week 4-
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Referendum on robot rights: your chance to vote

The time has come to vote in the A.I. game! Are you for or against giving full citizenship rights to robots? After all, in the year 2142 they're nearly as human as the humans surely they deserve the same treatment? Or would this just lead humanity towards AI domination? You can help decide this essential question. Just go to, enter your User Access Number (if you don't have one yet, you can get it at Polipulse) and vote! Polls are open until July 23, 7pm (EST). Do the right thing!
For more information about the A.I. game, ask Cybelle

An Internet Watch

Timex has released "Internet messages watch" the first watch that allows the user to receive Internet e-mail, news, weather reports, sports scores, stock quotes, etc.
Having content sent from the web to your watch is easy and completely customizable. For instance, you can go to, select Yahoo! Mobile alerts and then choose what you want to know and when you want it sent to the watch. Timex Internet Messenger also sets and maintains automatically accurate time, date, and time zone changes with the Flextime feature.

Filling forms becomes easier

RoboForm, the agent that uses Identities containing your personal information to fill forms automatically, has been updated. Chinese form filling is now available, AutoFill and AutoSave process have been totally rewritten, the credit card number field has been extended to 18 digits to take into account UK Switch cardholders and RoboForm will no longer fill in fields that already have values.

Workshop on Mobile Agents

The 3nd International Workshop on Mobile Agents for Telecommunication Applications (MATA'2001) will be held on August 14-16, 2001 in Montreal, Canada.
The aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for researchers, software and application developers, and computer network technologists to discuss new developments on the mobile agent technology and applications. The workshop will focus on mobile agent issues across the areas of network management, mobile applications, Nomadic computing, feature interactions, Internet applications, interactive multimedia, Tele-learning applications, and Computer Telephony Integration.

Artificial passenger could make driving safer

An artificial passenger (AP) designed to make long solo journeys safer and more bearable has been developed by IBM. The software chats to you, chooses your music, tells you jokes - and sounds alarms when you foul up.
The AP is not an inflatable automaton that sits in the passenger seat. It's an intelligent presence packed into the dashboard electronics. The heart of the system is a conversation planner that holds a profile of you, including details of your interests and profession. When activated, the AP uses the profile to cook up provocative questions such as, "Who was the first person you dated?" via a speech generator and the in-car speakers.

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