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July 2001. News and Events -Week 1-
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The ChatterBox Challenge

The ChatterBox Challenge is an artificial intelligence contest which will determine who has the best overall bot. In essence, it is an informal version of the Turing Test, geared more for fun rather than a serious scientific project. You will find all kinds of whose ability varies widely from very complex to very simple. The contest is set up in a way that everybody can participate: visitors are invited to chat to different bots and give them marks out of ten in order to determine the eventual winner.

PINO the Humanoid Robot

Pino is a small humanoid robot whose name and long nose are modeled on Pinocchio. It was developed to take part in the RoboCup Humanoid League. "Our robot is intended to be used as a part of everyday life, and we think it will play a core role in that segment of the market," ZMP President Hisashi Taniguchi said.
Pino can walk and move its upper body freely, although its walking capabilities are not yet highly developed.

AI movie: reviews

Steven Spielberg's movie "A.I." was released in the United States on Friday 29 June and it's currently the most popular movie in the country, having already earned an estimated $30.1 million. So is it the movie we have all been waiting for? Is it 100% Spielberg, or is there still plenty of Kubrick left? Here are the links to the latest reviews of A.I.
Read the reviews

Wearable Visual Robots

Wearable Visual Robots is a research project conducted by the Active Vision Laboratory at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom). Its aim is to develop algorithms, methods and hardware in order to create to have a Wearable Robot (WeRo) able to understand with the wearer's world by using artificial vision.

Welcome to the media community

KaZaA, the file sharing agent, has been updated. You can now search for files according to their size in the advanced search. The network performance has also been optimized, so searches are faster, and a new feature has been added to increase your privacy protection. In this new version you can list the files held by other users on the network

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