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December 2001. News and Events -Week 3-
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RankHigher: being well positioned means good visibility

RankHigher creates up to 7000 additional (doorway) pages for you instantly at the touch of a button. The more unique "keyword rich" doorway pages on your site, the better your rank in search engines' indexes. Simple and effective, RankHigher also intelligently creates multiple combinations of Meta and keywords for optimum placement.

Battlebots: gladiator robots

In Battlebots, contestants design and build radio-controlled robots that employ destructive weaponry in the ultimate game of engineering creativity and strategy - a mechanical death match. Likewise, the Battlebots Web site is a showcase of developer creativity and strategy - a virtual showcase of what takes place in the ring, where site visitors can build and drive a robot and learn about the mechanics of the weaponry and movement.

Verbarium: give life to your messages

"Verbarium" is an interactive text-to-form editor on the Internet. User can write text messages and these messages function as a genetic code to create a visual three-dimensional form. Each message creates a different form. Depending on the composition of the text, the form can either be simple or complex, abstract or organic. All the text messages are used together to build a collective and complex three-dimensional image.

An implanted chip that contains personal information

A New Jersey surgeon has embedded under his skin tiny computer chips that can automatically transmit personal information to a scanner, a technology that may someday be widely used as a way to identify people.
The "Digital Angel" chip has been developed by Applied Digital Solutions. Company officials said they hope to sell the device to patients with pacemakers, artificial hips and other implanted devices. The idea is that the chip will provide prompt and accurate medical information in the event of an emergency

Is the computer funnier than a human?

An experiment to uncover the world's funniest jokes has found that some computer-generated gags can be more amusing than those thought up by humans.
Jason Rutter, a research fellow at Manchester University, says: "Humour is a very interesting way to look at artificial intelligence because at some point something has to have two meanings, which is not easy to do with a computer."
An example of a computer-generated gag: "What kind of murderer has moral fibre? A cereal killer"

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