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December 2001. News and Events -Week 2-
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Intelligence Relative, Study Says

Think you're smart? Really smart? Well, it might not matter as long as someone's just a little bit smarter, according to some new research.
A pair of British mathematicians pitted computerized "minibrains" against each other in a battle of wits, and found that brains with an edge could beat the system and their competitors. The researchers say the results could provide a new perspective on intelligence, but critics are skeptical.

Copernic Summarizer - try it and see

The version 2.0 of Copernic Summarizer has been released today. Copernic Summarizer creates concise text summaries, allowing you to read more in less time. It automatically analyzes and summarizes Web pages, Word documents and e-mails. The new version has easier access via a contextual menu to common tasks, improved compatibility with PDF files, more options for personalization, and can now be downloaded for a free evaluation period of 30 days.

B.I.O bugs : an intelligent bugs

B.I.O-Bugs are Bio-mechanical integrated autonomous organisms. Take command of them using the hand controller or just leave them to roam independently and discover their new environment. The half-pound digital insects react to outside stimuli, such as human feet or other BIO bugs. They have the same features as real insects: they protect their young, need to feed and have the ability to conserve energy if they are not at play.

The first intelligent toilet!

Talking networked toilets, which can diagnose if you are pregnant or sick and email your doctor or hospital with the test results, should be on sale by 2006. Called "Versatile Interactive Pan (VIP)", the toilet is equipped with a voice-activated seat and automatic flush.
Spokesman Terry Wooliscroft said: "We want to see what a toilet can do if you introduce modern technology to it."

XCleaner: the ultimate privacy protection tool

XCleaner Lite Freeware is a simple-to-use anti-spyware and privacy enhancement tool. No installation is required, simply click and start. With a system of check boxes, users can control the cleaning functions and spy software detection services.

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