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December 2001. News and Events -Week 1-
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Can't stop, won't stop, says KaZaA

Napster-style file-sharing service KaZaA has said it can't stop its users downloading copyrighted music - even though a Dutch court has ordered it to do so.
KaZaA has claimed it cannot stop its users because, unlike Napster, it doesn't know who they are. The KaZaA software has already been distributed and KaZaA claims it is unable to now see what users of the software are swapping.

An intelligent football shirt

Football shirts are being developed which have their own on-board computer, which will be able to track the pace and acceleration of the wearer. Researchers in "wearable" computers at the University of Birmingham, UK, are exploring ways of remotely monitoring the performance of people playing sports.

Making the Music Sway to Your Beat

A wearable system of sensors allows users to create and play music while doing routine tasks and share performances with one another over a wireless network. Tapping any of the sensors produces a digital signal corresponding to a note or a musical sequence. This signal is transmitted to a computer, where it merges with signals from other users and the result is heard on headsets.

Make your website development and browsing faster

A new Web site technology called "Curl" that makes browsing and Web site development faster has been developed by Web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee and other MIT experts.
With Curl's software, websites become faster by a factor of 10 times or more. Additionally, development time on a Curl website is significantly less than sites that use HTML and Java, claims the Curl Corporation.

Global Pets: welcome to the virtual pet community

In Global Pets, the goal is to take care of your virtual pet, feed it, play with it, and watch it grow. You must look after it just as you would a real pet. It is very exciting to watch a pet grow up!

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