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August 2001. News and Events -Week 1-
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The first mass-market wearable computer

The Wearable Internet Appliance (WIA) consists of a 11 ounce palm-top-sized computer and a head-mounted screen. The display is manufactured by a Japanese company called Shimadzu and fits over one eye like half a pair of sunglasses.
The viewable screen is then equivalent to a 13 inch monitor, according to Shimadzu. A small handheld controller allows the user to scroll around the screen and make selections.
The "WIA" will be on sale Christmas 2001 for around $2000, depending on the configuration.

WinMP3Locator : the MP3 searcher

WinMP3Locator, the MP3 search agent, has been updated. There are no banners in this new version 4.0 and the search engine list has been updated. WinMP3Locator can now pass the links to Windows Clipboard or export all located links to a simple TXT or HTML-file, so you can send it to a friend!. WinMP3Locator deletes broken and duplicate links. Also, it checks if file-hosting servers can resume interrupted transfers, so you can choose the best server to download from.

Active Vision Laboratory

Research into the Active Vision Laboratory at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) is concerned with devising, implementing and testing methods which allow machine vision systems to determine where they should view a scene from but also how they should view it. Application areas include visual surveillance, autonomous navigation, and telerobotics.

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