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Kitty the Robotic Kitten

Kitty the Robotic Kitten is Manley Toy Quest's contribution to the robotic pet revolution. This cyber feline really captures the true cat essence. Kitty has three electronic "nerve" sensors located on the back of her head that run down the top of her body. These electronic sensors trigger Kitty's emotion program. When you pet her on her back, she will purr with appreciation. She will "meow" with a variety of emotion, look up with curiosity when called, move her tail with anticipation, cry when she is unhappy, and even fall asleep several times a day. Kitty's internal clock wakes her up in the morning and her light level sensor lets her know it's time to go to sleep at night. Kitty's microprocessor allows for customized programming. She can be taught to speak, do a song and dance routine, pounce, excuse herself, and even count to four. She is designed to hear and respond to other Tekno the Robotic Puppies or other Kitty the Tekno Kittens. Kitty measures approximately 13 inches by 4 inches by 9 inches. Four AA alkaline batteries (included) are required.

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