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Tekno Polly the Robotic Parrot

If you've been itching to expand your robotic menagerie, Polly the Robotic Parrot is the answer to your prayers. Polly arrives in his plastic birdcage, standing about nine inches tall in silvery glory. Like his Tekno cat and doggy counterparts, Polly responds to various stimuli via his six sensors, and the more stimulus he gets the happier he is. Polly can be trained to speak, wake you up in the morning, cough and sputter when fed his cracker, and do a song-and-dance routine. Polly has three songs that he "sings" and his dance moves consist of flapping wings, snapping beak, and bristling crest. The volume of the songs has one level, loud, and some of the songs go on a little too long. You can record phrases that Polly will then say spontaneously along with other phrases from his ever-increasing vocabulary. If you'd like Polly to be "on" all day, you can buy a 6-volt adapter and plug it into Polly's cage. This'll save on battery wear, but might drive parents a little cuckoo. Requires three AAA batteries (included). --M. Sullivan

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