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I-Cybie Electronic Dog: Gold

I-Cybie is Tiger's much-anticipated robotic dog that's so lifelike, you'll feel guilty leaving him at home! I-Cybie is very sophisticated, with 16 separate motors that control his movable legs, tail, head, and mouth. He can speak, bark, walk, lie down, shake your hand, perform tricks, follow hand claps, obey your voice, and more. He includes advanced voice recognition technology that allows him to recognize his owner's voice and respond to commands. His sensors allow him to avoid obstacles and prevent him from walking off the edge of surfaces. They also sense night and day, sound, touch, and motion! Just like a real dog, I-Cybie begins as a playful puppy and, through your training, matures into a loyal dog. His artificial intelligence allows him to express lifelike emotions, including fear, anger, dislike, happiness, surprise, and sadness, as well as built-in instincts which affect his behavior. Give him food and love and he'll learn to do tricks and perform other unique behaviors. I-Cybie also features a remote control that activates up to 14 different actions. I-Cybie communicates with other I-Cybie dogs as well as all Robo-Chi pets.

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