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Apple 10 GB iPod MP3 Player/Hard Drive for Macintosh Computers

Apple has revamped the now-classic iPod with several exceptional new features. The 10 GB model still packs 2,000 songs and a 10-hour battery life into a stunning 6.5-ounce package, but Apple ups the ante with new iTunes 3 software; a redesigned, touch-sensitive scroll wheel; red-hot FireWire digital file transfers; a wired remote control; and an overhauled calendar/scheduler. The iPodís setup and interface are still the same: just plug it into your Mac and all your iTunes songs and playlists are automatically downloaded into iPod at blazing FireWire speed--typically 15 seconds or less. Donít forget that the player also doubles as a FireWire drive for applications and other files. This new model also comes with a FireWire port cover to protect the player from dirt and other gunk.

  • New, thinner and lighter 10 GB model features iTunes 3 and redesigned scroll wheel
  • FireWire interface for fastest digital transfer available; covered FireWire port
  • Download audiobooks from; keep up to date with new calendar/scheduler and built-in clock
  • Compatible with Mac OS 9.2.1 (or later) or Mac OS X v10.1 (or later)
  • Includes wired remote control, remodeled headphones, and carrying case with belt clip

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