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The Sims Vacation Expansion Pack

Being a Sim must be pretty nice. Through the magic of expansion packs, the little virtual people have been given party favors (House Party), magic genies (Livin' Large), and hot dates (um... Hot Date). With all these creature comforts, what more could a Sim want? Well, how about a family vacation to a luxury fantasy resort?

  • Take your Sims on a family vacation for the first time
  • A fully-customizable luxury island destination delivers a wide range of beach, snow, and camping activities
  • Hit the beach for an 8-person volleyball game, go fishing off the pier, hurl snowballs, ride the snow slide, and much more
  • Buy, win, or find (and then bring home) the ultimate vacation souvenir, including the fertility god, penguin stuffed animal, quartz skull, and many more memorable items
  • Crazy hazards include a pickpocket, out-of-control children, or a case of Montezuma’s Revenge

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