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Black & White Expansion: Creature Isle

Reprise your role as a good or evil god and expand the power of your Creature in Black & White: Creature Isle, the highly anticipated expansion pack to the bestselling, critically acclaimed PC game Black & White. When the missionaries from your land of Eden wreck on the coast of Creature Isle, you and your Creature are suddenly called forth through the vortex to encounter the Brotherhood of Creatures, a collective of giants without deities. Explore new lands and win the worship of new tribes to expand your godly powers beyond your wildest dreams. Raise your Creature to new heights and teach him all-new abilities as he completes the trials of the Brotherhood. In addition, your Creature gains an apprentice to raise as his own, and falls in love for the first time with the beautiful Eve. Only by successfully completing the challenges imposed by the Brotherhood and defeating their leader can you and your Creature become the supreme rulers of Creature Isle.

    Features :
  • Bring your Black and White creature to a completely new land
  • Face a series of challenges against a new competitor
  • Meet a band of enlightened atheist animals
  • Find love with the creature of your dreams
  • New fighting styles and use special moves and powers

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