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Olympus DM-1 Voice and MP3 Recorder with WOW! Technology

The Olympus DM-1's dual-purpose design--as a digital voice recorder for work and a digital audio player for leisure--offers valuable versatility for a world demanding ever more efficiency. This doubly cool device stores and organizes hours of voice-quality digital audio files while standing ready to crank up MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) music files. Fittingly, the DM-1's metallic blue body cuts a sleek shape suited to both business and recreational environs. The unit is easily gripped in hand, and its silver-styled buttons and textured switches feel sturdy, if not downright elegant. It comes with a nifty fitted case with Velcro straps.

As a voice recorder, this unit is brimming with deluxe features. An included USB cable speeds through downloads from your DM-1 to your PC in minutes. And since digital voice files, being extremely compressed, require little memory, you can store a virtually unlimited number on your computer. The files save in the Digital Speech Standard (DSS) format and the play, organize, and interface through your PC via included DSS software on CD-ROM.

  • Digital voice recorder and MP3 player
  • 64 MB removable SmartMedia card for up to 22 hours of dictation and 1 hour of MP3/WMA music playback
  • Backlit orange LCD screen
  • 8 hours of playback or 11 hours of recording from two AAA batteries (included)
  • Includes earbud headphones, USB cable, DSS (Digital Speech Standard) software, and soft carrying case

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