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  Alchemy Eye   Alchemy Eye is rated 4 by AgentLand
Alchemy Eye is a system management tool that continuously monitors server availability. When network errors occur, it can alert the network administrator by e-mail, cell phone or pager.

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  Webman   Webman is rated 4 by AgentLand
Webman is a site uploader that uploads only new and updated files from your PC to your FTP server. It provides webmasters an easy to use software to upload multiple websites to their FTP server in one click.

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  Site-C   Site-C is rated 3 by AgentLand
Site/C is an automatic monitoring program that keeps an eye on your web site while you cannot, and alerts you of any problems with the servers or tampering.

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NameBoy is dedicated to offering the best name generator and locator on the Internet. NameBoy generates available domain names from just a word or two. Find a name and grab it fast. NameBoy is a team of software and Internet pros who are having a great time putting technology to work so the naming process becomes less tedious and more rewarding.

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