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eGain Self-Service offers a life-like, conversational self-service agent that provides 24x7 access to address customer inquiries and drive down support costs. It provides 24x7 answers to customers' inquiries through generated FAQs, enabling customers to have access to the companies latest available information without the intervention of customer service agents. Its dynamic question and answer approach allows fluid agent-customer interaction and adds an essential personal touch for customers using your Web site for self service.

 eGain Mail  
eGain Mail enables your company to route, track, and respond to high volumes of customer emails and Web form submissions. eGain Mail is a complete email management solution that offers the sophisticated workflow, issue tracking, and intelligent response tools needed to accurately respond to high volumes of e-mail and Web form inquiries.

 eGain Platform  
The eGain platform captures all customer interactions and stores them in a centralized database, providing a powerful resource for service, sales, and marketing. The system analyzes each message to generate a Phrase Vector. Phrases Vector are maintained for each category and knowledge base article in the system. eGain AI uses Statistical, Syntactical and Semantic layers for generating and comparing Phrases Vector.

Pivotal offers products to automate all facets of marketing, sales and customer service relationships between company employees, business partners and customers to manage all your valued business relationships for long-term growth and profit.

AnswerFriend develops Natural Language Interaction (NLI) technology that enables companies to simplify, broaden, and enrich their communications with their customers, partners, and employees. AnswerFriend can help companies lower customer acquisition and support costs, reduce shopping cart abandonment rates, and improve internal communication.

Geobot's Universus software package offers a growing array of agent functionality that helps Net Market Makers conceptualize and define a given MarketSpace. From there, participants can share information and conduct transactions through both public and private Exchanges.

EchoMail provides of comprehensive e-mail-based communications solutions that allow organizations and businesses engaged in e-commerce to more effectively manage their customer relationships. EchoMail enables e-businesses to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales opportunities by converting a higher percentage of Web-site visitors to buyers and to reduce the costs of online communications.

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