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Tellme is an online service everyone can use with just a telephone to reach the people, businesses, and information they need every day. With Tellme, people nationwide can call a toll-free number and use spoken commands to instantly find and connect with restaurants, airlines, movie listings, news, weather, sports, stock quotes, traffic, friends, and more.

Audiopoint is a new media service that provides speech-activated, audio-response news and information to consumers over the telephone. The speech portal allows callers to instantly retrieve popular Web content whenever and wherever they have telephone access. Audiopoint may be customized to deliver your favorite topics (business, sports, traffic, weather, news, entertainment and more) in almost any desired order.

BeVocal is a phone service that enables you to dial a single, nationwide, toll-free number and say simple spoken commands to obtain useful services such as point-to-point driving directions, real-time traffic reports, flight information, stock quotes, and weather. You can modify your stock portfolio over the phone. You can also personalize your driving directions through the Web site.

 Voice Controlled Messaging VCM  
Based on speech recognition technology, VCM frees wireless and wireline subscribers from their telephone keypad, enabling them to control service functions with simple spoken commands. VCM enables subscribers to perform a wide range of mailbox functions by speaking simple word commands, such as "Listen" to retrieve a message, "Send" or "Send email" to send a voice message or email to another subscriber, "Delete" to delete a message from the mailbox and "Call Return".

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