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 Mobile Personal Assistants  
The ALife Mobile Computing personal assistant will provide you with personalized intelligent information. Your personal assistant will roam the Internet, search for the information that you request, deliver it whenever it's appropriate, and present it in a concise and precise manner. It will intelligently filter and categorize information before it is presented so that you don't have to sort through irrelevant data.

ALife Mobile Computing is currently developing the next generation of mobile bots. ALife-BotMail will allow companies to email interactive bots to customers to convey powerful messages. ALife-BotMail will offer: Highly personalized direct marketing through goal directed bot conversation, richer media leading to higher response conversion rates, deeper customer loyalty and enhanced relationships.

 Webraska Mobile Technologies  
Webraska WAP Traffic Maps help mobile telephone subscribers avoid traffic congestion and save time by displaying up-to-date traffic information on predefined maps.  
Wireless subscribers have access to Internet-based and corporate intranet-based services, including email, news, stocks, weather, travel and sports. In addition, subscribers have access to telephony services, which may include over-the-air activation, call management, billing history information, pricing plan subscription and voice message management. is a personal intelligence network. Unlike traditional television or cable networks that send the same broadcast to everyone, they allow individuals to "subscribe" to only the services that interest them, and choose how they receive it: through email, fax, phone, pager, or mobile phone.

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