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WIDCOMM is a worldwide leader in Bluetooth wireless technology solutions. They innovate affordable short-range radio technologies to connect users of handheld computers, phones, PCs and other network devices to one another and to the Internet.

Ensure Technologies has developed a flexible, reliable and unique solution to the problem of internal computer security breaches. Its innovative, patented product, XyLoc, automatically secures the computer whenever an authorized user is not present. With its "proximity-access" technology, XyLoc allows hands-free access to authorized users while at the same time guarding against all unauthorized use.  
This site is the Official Bluetooth Website.

 Lucent's Bluetooth Solution  
Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group, the world leader in communications semiconductors, collaborates with Ericsson Mobile Communications to develop solutions for the Bluetooth wireless technology market based on Ericsson's proven Bluetooth core architecture. The collaboration includes joint development of a highly integrated Bluetooth system-on-a-chip module "super component" designed to slash costs, production time and power consumption.

 Wireless Wallet  
The Ericsson Wireless Wallet is a product concept that provides convenient access to any smart card based service. Using Bluetooth, WAP and an integrated smart card reader, the Wireless Wallet enables smart card transactions over the mobile Internet.

 Intelligent tyre technology  
In the Nokian Tyres' intelligent tyre technology system, there is a constant connection between the tyres mounted on the vehicle. The intelligent chip in the tyre acts as a measuring instrument, registers the tyre pressures and changes in tyre temperatures and transmits the data to the receiver, the driver's Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, which supports the user interface of the system.

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