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 ViA II PC  
The ViA II wearable computer is designed to be as small, lightweight, and comfortable as possible while providing the functionality of a laptop or desktop computer.

 The MicroOptical Corporation  
MicroOptical's Integrated Eyeglass Displays include a concealed electronic display. When the user wears the glasses and turns the display on, an image of a video or computer screen appears at a distance of several feet. A focus adjustment allows the user to place the image at a comfortable distance.

 The Bristol CyberJacket  
A heavy duty Hein Gericke jacket for use in the field. Equipped with a CardPC, dGPS and GSM 'phone. User interface is audio (speech recognition & TTS) and/or a Jornada hand held display.

 onHand PC  
If you're like many people today, you probably rely on your computer to manage life's myriad details. Your information is organized, but not very portable. But now with just a touch of a button, you can transfer important data from your computer to the onHand PC — the computer you wear on your wrist.

 The Mobile Assistant  
The Mobile Assistant revolutionizes the man/ machine interface by providing a wearable configuration with voice activation. Now, instead of using their hands to access or enter data, people on the move, such as technicians, mechanics and inspectors, have their hands free to do their job.

ElectroTextiles is a revolutionary new proprietary technology that ushers in the age of truly smart fabrics. Minute conductive fibres are woven or knitted together with traditional fibres to produce a range of new fabrics which are touch and pressure sensitive while conforming to almost any 3-dimensional shape.

 The Comris Parrot  
The Comris project is developing a wearable personal assistant, called the Comris parrot. It is inspired by the image of a parrot sitting on one’s shoulder, looking around with you and whispering relevant information in your ear. Because this wearable has to meet very specific requirements they are developing both the hardware and the product design.

 Future Computing Environments  
The work reported here is a summary of research within the Future Computing Environments (FCE) Group at Georgia Tech. The FCE Group is dedicated to the invention of novel applications of computing technology to assist everyday activities. They are trying to create an array of computational services that permeate everyday life without becoming too much of a physical, cognitive or social burden.

 Dynamic Personal Enhanced Reality System  
This system utilizes an adaptive, audio-visual learning system on a tetherless wearable computer. The user's visual and auditory scene is stored in real-time by the system (upon request) and is then associated (by user input) with a snap shot of a visual object. The system consists of three main components, the generic object recognition system, an audio-visual associative memory and a wearable system including a microphone, a head-mouted camera, a head-mounted display and a three-button mouse.

 WDHS Wearable Computer  
This company has developed a wearable computer called Ralph. He is a fully functional computer, that can surf the net, play games and write papers at the same time as you walk down the hall, walk to your car or as you’re sitting in class.

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