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 Body Wearable Computing  pop
Steve Mann from the University of Toronto, presents a definition of Body Wearable computing, outling the essential attributes and the possible aspects of mobile wearable computers.

 Industrial Clothing Design  pop
Royal Philips Electronics and Levi Strauss & Co have worked together in the creation of the first wearable electronics products to enter the market in September. The product range is branded Industrial Clothing Design, ICD+, and consists of four different jackets.

 Une vision du futur: dialogue avec JoŽl de Rosnay  pop
JoŽl de Rosnay presents its vision of coevolution between New Information and Communication Technology, society and human beings. He emphasizes on the stakes of technology developments, more specifically on the role of intelligent agents to come and their symbiosis with human beings.

 Web Man Walking  
Described as "Web Man Walking" by the National Enquirer, Steve Mann's interest in wearable computing has made him a highly respected inventor since 1970. His latest version of the mobile computer is a pair of sunglasses, on which he receives e-mail.

 Smart Underwear??  
This one is definitely different. Smart Underwear is another proposition from Steve Mann. It controls the temperature in the room by use of a "sweatiness index". This particular example works with a Jantzen bathing suit.

 The Techno Bra  
This article from describes the work of a British inventor on a security bra that can tell if its wearer is attacked and notify authorities with her precise location. Featuring a built-in heart-rate monitor, a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) locator, and wireless phone, the Techno Bra detects the rapid jumps in heart rate that denote sudden scares. It uses GPS to determine the wearer's location and notifies police via a cell-phone network.,1282,20517,00.html

 Multimedia Clothing  
More innovation from Philips. The Ski Jacket features embedded technology for navigation, emergency rescue, communication and entertainment. The child's recharge jacket includes: camera, a touch-screen display, a printer, a microphone, a pager and a loudspeaker, providing possibilities for fun, creativity and communication.

 Affective Computing  
Affective Computing is computing that relates to, arises from, or deliberately influences emotions. Our research focuses on creating personal computational systems endowed with the ability to sense, recognize and understand human emotions, together with the skills to respond in an intelligent, sensitive, and respectful manner toward the user and his/her emotions.

 Wireless everywear  
The Charmed Technology vision is to incorporate the unwired Internet into fashion, lifestyle and health applications by creating inexpensive wireless mobile devices that will allow individuals to access the World Wide Web anywhere and anytime through wireless technology.

 Wearable computing  
Because wearable PCs can be small, lightweight, powerful, and either touch- or voice-activated, they're perfect wherever work conditions are too fast-paced, cramped, inaccessible, dirty or clean for even laptops or palmtops - as well as for tasks that demand constant attention for safety and effectiveness.

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