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Cisco Systems, France Telecom and Kaufman&Broad create a smart house: "ma m@isonnet". This house is equipped with a domestic Intranet that offers its owner a simple and user-friendly way of communicating with the house. It makes it possible to control various devices and services, for example: control the temperature and the light of each room, make sure that baby is sleeping peacefully in his room, telephone and surf simultaneously, start the washing machine, connect to a videoclub on-line or to all the world's radios stations, share practical information with the neighbours, or browse the Web from the garden.

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iHome is the first Austrian Internet home developed by Cisco Systems with twelve partners in the south of Vienna.
From the outside, the house looks like a normal prefabricated building. But inside, it is equipped with all the Internet infrastructure making it possible, for example, to switch on your heating while you are still in your office, see who is at the door without getting up from your armchair, etc.
Electricity and gas meters can also be monitored via PC or web pad, allowing you to track how much energy you are using and make adjustments if necessary.
A touchscreen on the wall of the living room gives the occupants access to all of the building's functions,39020357,2090990,00.htm

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