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 Simple Control Protocol Vision  pop
This paper presents a new technology developed by Microsoft, General Electric-Smart and other industry leaders, built to equip the houses of tomorrow's world. They developed a SCP (Simple Control Protocol) to be integrated into your appliances. Simple Control Protocol (SCP) is a lightweight, royalty-free networking technology optimized for devices with very limited memory and processing power and for networks with low bandwidth, such as power-line carrier (PLC) networks.

 The Universal Plug and Play Forum  
The Universal Plug and Play Forum is a group of companies and individuals across the industry who intend to play a leading role in the authoring of specifications for Universal Plug and Play devices and services. The goals of the Forum are to enable the emergence of easily connected devices and to simplify the implementation of networks in the home and corporate environments.

This web site is a focal point for the growing community that is exploring, developing, and evolving Jini connection technology. It is a place to share not just ideas, but related source code, documentation and other development work based on Jini technology.

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