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 Electrolux Screenfridge  
The fridge is the natural place for communication in every family. You post notes, list postcards and other messages on the refrigerator door. Screenfridge supports not only post-it notes (for which there is still place) but also video-messaging between family members as well as on-line shopping, TV and radio. Check out the demonstration for information on the features.

 The Dolphin - High Tech Carpet Care  
Without the aid of wall or ceiling reflectors, bar codes, satellites or pre-programmed maps, Dolphin automatically moves into the area to be cleaned, precisely computes the best way to do the job, and executes. Then, it's ready and waiting for the next job you, the "Commander," has for it.

This personal robot can serve drinks, look after security and has an attachable automatic vacuum cleaner.

 RL500 Automatic Lawnmower robot  
The RL500 is fully automatic. Just push a button and it does the rest. Since it operates on rechargeable batteries, there's no need for oil or gas. And because it mulches as it mows, there's no need for backbreaking grass bagging either. Finally, it's so quiet you'll hardly know the RL500 is there.

Cye is a personal robot which can be controlled from your PC, it can help clean automatically with its power brush cordless vacuum, serve as a mail delivery assistant, provide room-to-room security during evening hours with it's onboard camera attachment, and even serve coffee or food with the versatile wagon attachment.

 Home life  
In Philips' Vision of the Future, there will be access to far greater amounts of information, including video-on-demand, home shopping, Internet access and video telephony. To be able to understand, enjoy and navigate through these services, we will need to have special tools to filter and control them.

 The Home of the Near Future  
According to Philips, the Home of the Near Future will contain intelligent objects which can learn to behave in ways that fit our lives — that get to know our home environment, our relationships, our rituals of everyday activities.

 Quality of life  
As part of Philips' Vision of the Future, diverse product concepts are shown here which explore the quality of life and offer an insight into how emerging technologies could be implemented into our lives.

Audrey tracks, consolidates and synchronizes the details of your family's life. Audrey can be the family's nerve-center in no time, handling schedules, phone books, and notes. Up to two Palm compatible device in your home can Hotsync to Audrey so everybody knows where everybody's going. Instant access to up to 12 preset websites and e-mail (Use your existing ISP).

 The Airboard  
Sony positions the "airboard" as a new gateway for the coming broadband network era that will introduce a new lifestyle and a "home mobile" world where users can easily access a variety of contents anywhere in the home.

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