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 Home automation guided tour  pop
Welcome aboard the home automation guided tour, the virtual tour that leads you through the ultimate smart home. So buckle-up and be prepared to be transported into the future with home automation.

 Tech Home  
This site explains the concepts, methods and products you will need to create an integrated home system. Links to more information and to the innovative manufacturers of integrated home systems equipment are provided on the site as well.

 La maison au bout du réseau  
Le Monde Interactif, January 2000
This article presents the domestic networks and the emergence of smart house in our near future. These houses are equiped with computers that are inter-connected and have Internet access. Your fridge will tell you when it is empty, your TV screen will become a platform for e-business and entertainement... What a wonderful house!,13-0,37-180558,0.html

 La domotique, mode d'emploi  
The site informs you about the different implementations and services of domotics at home. It helps you know the different existing offers, their advantage and limits, the economic and technical restrictions so you will be able to choose and create your own project.

ADDI is the Association for Developing Domotics and Immotics. This association is devoted to popularizing domotics and presenting the different actors involved in this field. The site proposes introduction to domotics and immotics, a forum and some articles about the subject.

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