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eDevice Inc. has created inexpensive Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chips, under the name of SmartStack, that will Web-enable a wide variety of items. E-mail and ftp downloads can become a reality from any household appliance from as little as $100.

The HomeRF Working Group (HRFWG) was formed to provide the foundation for a broad range of interoperable consumer devices by establishing an open industry specification for wireless digital communication between PCs and consumer electronic devices anywhere in and around the home.

 Home Automated Living  
Home Automated Living gives you a "smart home" that is easy and scalable to install, simple to use, and affordable to own. You don’t have to rewire your house – HAL will send commands from the computer over your existing home power lines to control devices anywhere in or outside the home.

 Microsoft Home Networking  
Home Networking is the collection of technologies and services that make it possible to connect multiple computing and information devices. This site presents Microsoft's work to simplify consumer access to information, entertainment, communications, and automation throughout the home.

 Cyber Manor  
CyberManor offers the homeowner extensive design consulting and implementation services designed to maximize the value of a home networking solution.

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