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 Automotive and leisure innovations  
The art of navigating on foot or in a vehicle, assisted by electronic database, fluxgate and/or GPS based instruments is only just starting to evolve. - The next decade will bring about such a revolution in personal navigation, that we shall look back and wonder how we all managed...back in the 20th Century!

 Real-Time Traffic Service  
Etak provides map data, real-time content and software tool kits to answer location-based questions such as "Where is the nearest?," "Where is it located?", "How do I get there?", and best of all, "How is the traffic?".

 Mobile Multimedia  
The platform integrates Alpine's audio, security and navigation products, as well as its new visual and communications tools. All of Alpine's products under the Mobile Multimedia concept can be incorporated with additional information-based devices to a vehicle that provides the ultimate in entertainment, safety and convenience.

 CitroŽn Xsara Windows CE  
Xsara Windows CE is an innovative car build by CitroŽn. The equipment includes a multimedia system (GPS navigation, phone, Internet connection, audio system and CD player) and all the equipment is voice activated so you can keep your eyes on the road and at the same time access your address book and send short e.mail.

OnStar services are made possible through a combination of advanced technologies and old fashioned customer service. OnStar uses a hands-free system and cellular technology to provide the communication link between you and the OnStar center. For example, if an airbag deploys, the OnStar center is alerted and a trained Advisor will attempt to contact you and contact the assistance you need.

 DaimlerChrysler establishes Traffic Telematics Research Center  
DaimlerChrysler created the Traffic Telematics Research Center in 1999 in order to accelerate the pace of research and development in new telematics technologies and services. In this article you will find some of there projects.,,0-5-7153-1-9939-1-0-1-0-0-0-30-7145-0-0-0-0-0-0-0,00.html

 Peugeot Innovation - Smart Car  
The future "smart car" will help the driver to better understand and interpret his environment and will assist him in taking decisions without him forgoing all responsibility for the vehicle.

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