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 Imagination Engines  
The ability to form extensive cell reference networks within typical spreadsheet applications lends itself well to emulating the central nervous systems of simple organisms. Exploiting this capability, Imagination engines has created artificial neurons, neural networks, and neural network cascades within Microsoft Excel worksheets. The resulting synthetic neurobiology not only forms the basis of adaptive artificial life, but also the foundation for automated knowledge base agents.

 Consciousness: The Development of Neural Networks  
A general site on Neural Networks and the Computational Brain : definition, history, etc.

 Journal of Consciousness Studies  
How does the mind relate to the brain?, Can computers ever be conscious?, What do we mean by subjectivity and the self? These questions are being keenly debated in fields as diverse as cognitive science, neurophysiology and philosophy. The Journal of Consciousness Studies is a peer-reviewed journal which examines these issues.

 Redfish Research and Development  
Redfish is working on tools to facilitate the gathering and delivery of Chinese information. The foundation for these tools is a network of software objects poised to self-organize and reproduce. Networks compete for limited network processing time and memory. Objects are developed in Java and Macromedia Director/Shockwave

 Alife Database - Artificial Life Searchable Repository  
The Alife Database is a searchable database of Alife-related sites on the world wide web. Its initial purpose was to encourage code sharing in the Alife community by making it easy to find Alife code on the net.
The data is gathered by a net searching software robot. This Search Bot (Macrobot) scans the WWW and collects Alife related pages, according to specified keywords.

 Aston University: Neural Computing Research Group  
The Neural Computing Research Group at Aston University is part of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The Group consists of over 25 researchers. Its research effort is focussed on the theory and applications of neural networks and related techniques.

 Neural Networks and Data Mining

 Neural Networks at your Fingertips  
The programs on this site deal with both these issues :
- turning the theory of a particular network model into the design for a simulator implementation can be a challenging task
- often it is not obvious how to embed an actual application into a particular network model.

 Neural Network FAQ  
This is a part of a monthly posting to the Usenet newsgroup Its purpose is to provide basic information for individuals who are new to the field of neural networks or who are just beginning to read this group. It will help to avoid lengthy discussion of questions that often arise for beginners.

 SNN, KU Nijmegen - Foundation for neural networks  
SNN is a consortium of six research groups, all working on neural networks, but from different viewpoints and with different areas of expertise and application domains. SNN's main objectives are to coordinate research into neural networks, to explore new fields of industrial application, and to stimulate knowledge transfer to industry.

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