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This Web site is a simple guide to help you compare the prices you would pay with participating companies, depending on the types of calls you make - as shown on your most recent bill - and the total amount of your bill. This applies only to households in the UK with a single phone line.

Longdist allows you to compare your phone bill with several phone companies. You can be calling inside/outside the USA or from all over the world.

Compare-Phone-Rates is a long distance phone rate calculator. Compare-Phone-Rates will show you which telephone service is most cost effective for your needs. is dedicated to the wireless phone world. helps consumers to compare and buy the right products at the right prices from the largest selection. compares side-by-side all locally available brand name phones and service plans. features helpful articles on wireless shopping and an easy-to-read glossary of more than 800 terms and much more.

 A Bell Tolls  
A Bell Tolls is dedicated to provide consumers and businesses accurate and helpful information to foster intelligent decisions in their quest for telecommunications nirvana. You can compare domestic, international, calling card rates and much more.

LowerMyBills is a nationwide site that empowers you to lower all of your monthly bills - all in one place. With their marketplace partners and search engine technology they find the best offers for you, whether in insurance, mortgages, long distance, credit cards and more.

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