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 Les agents marchands dessinent le futur de la Netéconomie  
By E. Chanial, Le Monde, 03/22/2000
This article presents the shopping bots, in other words, intelligent agents that compare prices on the Internet and afford you time and money. Many research centers are working out to improve their efficiency. However the stakes are not only technological, the legal value of these agents needs to be precised. Besides, the protection of privacy is another important aspect to discuss.,13-0,37-73206,0.html

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 StoreScanner is a comprehensive product comparison shopping service, combining product comparison tools, online and local merchant catalogs, and geographic search tools. People in the USA can limit their search to merchants within a certain distance of their home. There is a selection of online product reviews.

PriceMix is a comparison shopping agent that compares prices for video, audio, portable and office equipment.

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