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  TurboStart   TurboStart is rated 4 by AgentLand
TurboStart is an Internet search utility that is downloadable to your Web browser. Categories include Metasearch, Newsgroups, People, Yellow Pages, Art, Books, Business, Computers, Education, Health, Sports, and more.

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  SideStep   SideStep is rated 4 by AgentLand
SideStep is a free low-fare travel search tool that helps you comparison shop for the Web's best travel deals.

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 Biz Rate  pop
Online stores are listed on according to their performance ratings by actual customers, and cannot pay to be listed on Buying research or participating in promotional activities has no influence on a store's ratings. Biz rate attempts to meet the needs of the individual consumer while offering comparative options.

 RoboShopper (shopping meta search agent)  
RoboShopper offers an unbiased selection of the leading stores in each shopping category. You can move between competing stores with a click of the mouse and directl compare the results. RoboShopper now provides access to reviews and product information!

The Bottom Dollar Shopping Agent offers a comprehensive and secure way for consumers to shop the Web by enabling them to compare key decision factors such as price and availability on an extensive selection of products from the top Internet merchants.

 Price Check  
Consumer World's new Price Check shopping robot will scan several discount stores, and instantly report back the price of your item at each store. Powered by Bottomdollard.

 Price Search  
Price Search is a price comparison shopping service for Price Search, Comparison Shopping, Discount Computers, Software, etc. Powered by Bottomdollard.

 mySimon inc.  
mySimon is a comparison shopping site that offers visitors more than 1000 merchants (including auction and classified ad sites) from which to comparison shop for over 10 million products. A few of the popular categories include books, music, electronics, computers, toys and flowers.

Shopfind is a search engine just for online shopping. It searches only those sites that allow you to purchase online through a secure SSL-encrypted connection. Shopfind is a trademark of Yahoo! Inc.

Esmarts, provided by InfoSpace, is a service which searches using keywords. The agent is useful when checking prices for items that other agents have not yet mastered, for example music.

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