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 Pricerunner  pop
Pricerunner is your guide to the best prices on thousands of products on the market - home electronics, telephones, white goods, computer products and books. The database contains price and product information from a wide range of sources. They collect information from WebPages, newspapers, off-line stores, product catalogues etc.

 Kelkoo  pop
Kelkoo is a shopping guide, to help you find the best offer for products and services with ease and efficiency. Simply choose a product among the categories, specify the desired specifications (model, mark, price range...) and Kelkoo will search and compare for you.

 Bottom Dollar  
The Bottom Dollar Shopping Agent offers a comprehensive and secure way for consumers to shop the Web by enabling them to compare key decision factors such as price and availability on an extensive selection of products (software, hardware, books, movies and more) from Internet merchants.

The Price-Guide is your guide to finding the best prices on thousands of computer hardware and software products, as well as Hi-Fi equipment, Digital cameras, DVD players and movies. You can register to receive price alerts by e.mail on the products you are looking for.

Checkaprice gives you the opportunity to compare prices of an extensive range of consumer goods and services from UK on-line retailers. Details, when available, are provided about delivery costs and times. Checkaprice also compares the prices of financial services, holidays, gas and electricity etc.

DealTime is a comparison shopping service that lets you search stores across the Internet for the best deals on the things you want to buy.
DealTime can also track online shopping sites, auctions, classified ads and sales, and notifies you directly to your desktop as products become available at your optimal price.

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