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 CNET Shopper  
CNET Shopper is a comprehensive pricing guide with more than 200,000 products offered by more than 100 online stores. It empowers you with as much information as possible to ensure that your online buying experience is flawless.
CNET Shopper provides up-to-date pricing information and direct links to merchants. is dedicated to helping you find computer products for your needs by delivering merchant ratings, product pictures and specifications, and pricing information.
You can sign up for MyPriceGrabber to Track a product from day-to-day, or month-to-month, to set a Target Price for a product and get alerted via email if the price drops below your predefined target limit.

 Price Watch  
This website allows you to find a great street price for a computer product. Price Watch, a service of Price Watch Corporation allows retailers to advertise their prices in real time, using the proprietary Price Watch Info-Link system.

iBuyer provides users the ability to search and compare the prices of a wide variety of computer and computer-related products. In addition to the product listings, iBuyer also hosts a comprehensive database of third-party product reviews, helping consumer to make a more informed buying decision. is a price comparison service dedicated to computer users on the Internet. Use it to find detailed information, track and compare the items of your interest.

NexTag is an online marketplace that gives individuals and companies the opportunity to buy and sell new, previously owned or refurbished goods, at the lowest price. Buyers can choose from name brand retailers, small stores, or individual sellers and between new or used versions of the same item. They can instantly compare prices for and buy at fixed prices that include tax & shipping.

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