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  Floys   Floys is rated 3 by AgentLand
Floys belong to the flocking Alife creatures variety, sharing with them the social tendency to stick together, and the lifelike emergent behavior which is based on a few simple, local rules. They differ from most other Alife flocking (Boids-type) implementations by being territorial animals that defend their territory against intruders.

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 Artificial Life Games  pop
The page contains information about games developed using ALife techniques. You can find all links and addresses of people involved in this kind of activity. Moreover, some good links to people, all around the world, that work on ALife Demos (and ALife in general) can be found.

 The Sims  pop
In SimCity, Will Wright gave you the power to build and control cities.With this game, you'll create and control people. You create a family, plan and build their home and make each Sim find a job and have a successful career. After that, you will help the Sims make friends.

Anark creates 3D technology, authoring environments and entertainment products. Much of their proprietary technology was born out of the creation of their real-time 3D, puzzle-adventure game, Galapagos.

 The Game AI Page  
These pages are dedicated to the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in games, a factor in game design which is being taken more seriously by game developers and producers than ever before.

 Shape Your Brain  
Shape Your Brain's program was commissioned by the Science Museum of Naples from Luigi Pagliarini in the early 1994. Shape Your Brain was to be included in the Museum's "Educational Artificial Life Lab"  
This software allows you to play the traditional game of 20 questions, with your PC. The program is very simple but its behavior is complex. Everything that it knows about and all questions that it asks were entered by other people using the program. Twenty Questions is a learning system, the more it is played, the better it gets.

 The project Von Neumann  
Imagine yourself flying through a vast asteroid belt with a vast assortment of creatures on all sides; some of them predators with you as their prey. You must drive to the heart of their realm and find a way to rid the universe of their threat once and for all - you are the universe's last hope.

 Black & White  
Black & White is a god game. Packed with strategy, it gives you control of the destiny of an entire world. You must use your godly powers to rule over and look after your people. As you do so they pray to you and worship you more and more, and you use this power, this belief to carry out Miracles and to extend your influence over the world.

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