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 Agents of alienation  
By Jaron Lanier
The author believes that the idea of "intelligent agents" is both wrong and evil. He also believes that this is an issue of real consequence to the near term future of culture and society.

 An HTTP-based Infrastructure for Mobile Agents  
By Anselm Lingnau, Oswald Drobnik, Peter Dömel

 Topics in Agent-Oriented Programming  
By Marc Belgrave

 Jasper: Communicating Information Agents for WWW  
By John Davies, Richard Weeks, Mike Revett

 The Role of Intelligent Software Agents in Advanced Information Systems  
By Larry Kerschberg

 BIG: A Resource-Bounded Information Gathering Agent  
By Victor Lesser Bryan Horling Frank Klassner Anita Raja Thomas Wagner Shelley XQ. Zhang
This paper describes the rationale, architecture, and implementation of a next generation information gathering system - a system that integrates several areas of AI research under a single research umbrella.

 Technologies for Building Software Agent Applications  
By Hyacinth Nwana and Michael Wooldridge
The aim of this paper is to briefly survey the tools and techniques that can be used to address certain themes that appear common to agent-based systems, and correspondingly, certain problems that must be overcome by all agent system builders.

 GNOSIS: Final Report of IMS Test Case 7  
GNOSIS: Knowledge Systematization: Configuration Systems for Design and Manufacturing, is an international research consortium developing concepts, methodologies, technologies, and tools for the implementation of new manufacturing paradigms. This document was derived from the March 1994 Final Report.

 The Agent Building Shell: Programming Cooperative Enterprise Agents  
This project is developing an Agent Building Shell that provides several reusable layers of languages and services for building agent systems: coordination and communication languages, description logic based knowledge management, cooperative information distribution, organization modeling and conflict management. They are applying the approach to develop multiagent applications in the area of manufacturing enterprise supply chain integration.

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