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 Software Agents: An Overview  
By Hyacinth S. Nwana, BT Laboratories, 9/96
This overview paper presents a typology of agents. It places agents in context, defines them and then goes on to overview critically the rationales, hypotheses, goals, challenges and state-of-the-art demonstrators of the various agent types in the typology.

 Collaborative Interface Agents  
By Yezdi Lashkari, Max Metral and Pattie Maes,10/98
Collaboration between agents assisting different users can alleviate problems with the learning approach. The authors present a framework for multi-agent collaboration and discuss results of a working prototype, based on learning agents for electronic mail.

A Java-based Agent Framework for MultiAgent Systems Development and Implementation. JAFMAS provides a framework to guide the coherent development of multiagent systems along with a set of classes for agent deployment in Java. The framework is intended to help beginning and expert developers structure their ideas into concrete agent applications.

 Next Link Project - Stanford University  
Next-Link is a SHARE project to develop a generic agent and framework that will coordinate the work of other engineering agents, especially in the case of conflicts.

 [FR]Méthodes et outils d'exploration multilingue sur Internet ...  
By Jérôme Charron

 Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet  
By Bjorn Hermans, 06/96This thesis provides an overview of what agents are and what they can (and maybe cannot) do. A model is presented which will enhance and extend agents' abilities, and future trends and developments are extrapolated and predicted.

 What's an Agent?  
By Lenny Foner

 What's an Agent, Anyway? A Sociological Case Study  
By Lenny Foner, 1993
Uses a case study of an agent to illustratively define what the author considers an agent to be, and why many of the current uses of the term are misleading. Speaks at length about the sociology of agents, what we might expect to find in the future, and why sociology is such an important aspect to consider when investigating agent-oriented programming.

 Agent-Based Engineering, the Web, and Intelligence  
By Charles J. Petrie, 1996
The paper describes the use of KQML-like Agents and their compatibility with the World-Wide Web. One distinguishing characteristic of such agents is the necessity for a peer-to-peer protocol vs. the client-server protocol of HTTP. This is indicative of a major conflict between the web and agent paradigms that must be resolved for integration of the two technologies, both of which are useful for design and engineering applications.

 Is it an Agent, or just a Program?: A Taxonomy for Autonomous Agents  
By Stan Franklin and Art Graesser, Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages, 1996
The advent of software agents gave rise to much discussion of just what such an agent is and of how they differ from programs in general. Here the paper proposes a formal definition of an autonomous agent which clearly distinguishes a software agent from just any program.

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