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 MAchine Intelligente Autonome  
The MAIA project(Autonomous Intelligent Agents) is developed by a research group interested in modeling, building and in the simulation of systems composed by one or many agents. It aims at developing artificial agents models, known as intelligent agents. Besides, you will find a quite complete information about the research team, its activities and publications.

 Projet VEGA  
By André R. Probst, 09/1996
This article describes the first steps and first results of a project called Vega (Virtual Enterprise Generic Applications) whose purpose is to develop new types of Information Systems for Virtual Enterprises. A model and a generic multi-agent approach form the framework of further on-going research.

 ALIVE: Artificial Life Interactive Video Environment  
The Artificial Life Interactive Video Environment (ALIVE) is a virtual reality system where people can interact with virtual creatures without being constrained by headsets, goggles, or special sensing equipment. The system is based on a magic mirror metaphor: a person in the ALIVE space sees their own image on a large-screen TV as if in a mirror. Autonomous, animated characters join the user's own image in the reflected world. ALIVE is currently the primary application of the IVE system, a joint project between the Autonomous Agents group and Vision and Modeling group at the MIT Media Lab.

The ElComAg (Electronic Commercial Agents) project at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is focused on facilities for trading of knowledge by electronic commerce, including conceptual modeling of knowledge and trading process, the design of sale-sites (electronic marketplaces), the design of agents for serving the trade process and information system architecture for knowledge trade. It is financed by the Norwegian Research Foundation in the framework of the Distributed Information Technology Systems program.

The objective of the SPARTA project (Security Policy Adaptation Reinforced Through Agents) is the creation, development, provision, composition and management of innovative and intelligent security modules across heterogeneous platforms and networks. The intelligent agent modules are focused on maintaining the level of IT elements security high, while at the same time providing a decision support information to the security managers. The second objective is to define a methodology to elaborate efficient security policy in order to support such advanced functionality as intelligent agent based tools.

 The humanoid project  
The objective of the project at Chalmers University of Technology (Switzerland) is to produce a bipedal humanoid robot, of human dimensions and weight. The plan is to build the robot around a plastic human skeleton and control it with a hierarchy of evolutionary systems. A 60 cm tall prototype named ELVIS has already been built, whose objective is to try various hypotheses regarding hardware and control software.

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