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 Human-Centered Computing  
This is a software engineering methodology based on the scientific study of cognition in people and machine, especially understanding the differences between perceptual-motor/cognitive/social aspects of people and present-day computer systems with the objective of developing computer systems that fit human capabilities and practices by exploiting and improving AI programming methods.

 AIM Group  
The general objective of the Adaptive Information Management (AIM) Group is to facilitate access to, customization, and sharing of electronic information via the development of intelligent tools integrating Internet, Artificial Intelligence and database technologies

The Guardian is a prototype intelligent agent for monitoring intensive-care patients.

 Agent Tcl  
Agent Tcl is a transportable agent system. The transportable agents are written in the Tool Command Language (Tcl), and can migrate from machine to machine using the jump command.

 ADE: Architecture type-based Development Enviroment for agent-based application systems  
ADE is an architecture type-based agent builder tool for the substantiated and fast development of agent-based application systems

 The GRACE Consortium  
The main objective of the project is to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence techniques, including advanced software engineering and Human-Computer Interface techniques, in command, control, communications and intelligence systems.

 DECAF: Distributed, Environment-Centered Agent Framework  
DECAF is a toolkit which allows a well-defined software engineering approach to building multi-agent systems. The toolkit provides a stable platform to design, rapidly develop, and execute intelligent agents to achieve solutions in complex software systems. DECAF provides the necessary architectural services of a large-grained intelligent agent: communication, planning, scheduling, execution monitoring, coordination, and eventually learning and self-diagnosis.

 CAM-Brain Machine  
The long term aim of the CAM-Brain Project is to build artificial brain-like systems formed by modular neural networks.

 Robokoneko (Kitten Robot)  
The main aim of the CAM-Brain Project is to build/grow/evolve an artificial brain by 2003 with a billion artificial neurons. This brain will be used to control the behaviors of a kitten robot that is called Japanese "Robokoneko" (= robot child cat).

 Projet Bonom  
The main purpose of this project is the definition, conception and realization of agents system for information retrieval on the Internet. The object is to oriente the research on agents and semantic indexation.

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