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 FinderAgents - CSTaR  
Prototype finder agents from CSTaR, Andersen Consulting's primary research organization, cover a large range of information management tasks. They vary in goal-directedness, personalization, and proactivity.

Incorporated in 1995, FX Palo Alto Laboratory (FXPAL) is an expanding laboratory researching software and information technology for Fuji-Xerox Co., Ltd. FXPAL plans to shape the "office of the future" and the "document of the future" and provide Fuji Xerox a digital information technology base for the 21st century.

 Mediator research program  
The Mediator research program is a joint venture between the Knowledge Science Institute and the Division of Manufacturing Engineering to develop an agent-based, open architecture information and knowledge management system designed to provide a flexible technology to support the management of complex manufacturing activities throughout the product life cycle.

 Xerox Palo Alto Research Center: multiagent systems  
Since its beginning, Xerox has invested in both fundamental and applied research. The Internet Ecologies Area's research focuses on the relation between the local actions and the global behavior of large distributed systems, both social and computational.

 SHOE: Simple HTML Ontology Extensions  
SHOE is a HTML-based knowledge representation language. SHOE is a superset of HTML which adds the tags necessary to embed arbitrary semantic data into web pages.

 CoABS: Control of Agent-Based Systems Program  
The CoABS research community is developing a prototype “agent grid” as an infrastructure for the run-time integration of heterogeneous multi-agent and legacy systems.

 Intelligent Systems Research  
The Agents Research Programme is conducted by members of BT Laboratories' Intelligent Systems Research Group. Our work concerns Agents: software entities that are capable of intelligently interacting with other agents and, just as importantly, other people.

 Amphion project  
The goal of the Amphion project is to make Knowledge-Based Software Engineering a reality for NASA. KBSE uses techniques from artificial intelligence and formal methods to raise the level at which users program to the specification level (which describes the problem to be solved) from the code level (which describes how to solve the problem).

 Collective Intelligence  
Analyzing the science of large, inherently distributed artificial systems and implementing local strategies in such systems to augment their performance.

 Intelligent Control Using Soft Computing  
The research focuses on developing knowledge based approaches for intelligent control and management of uncertainties in AI systems.

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