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 Agent-Based Market Space  
The vision is to enable automation of electronic commerce, focused on the interaction in a market (like searching, negotiation, deal settlement) using agents. Each participant in the market can have an agent that automates the interactions partially or fully.

AgentLink is part of the European Commission's ESPRIT program and provides a focus for the agent research community. An open network, all eligible institutions are invited to apply for membership which is free. AgentLink plans to help in the establishment of new collaborations through establishing and maintaining special interest groups.

 i3net - European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces  
i3, the European initiative for intelligent information interfaces, was created in 1997 in order to take a human-centred approach to the exploration of new, visionary interactive systems for people in their everyday activities.

AMASE will investigate how to enhance existing agent platforms in order to support stationary and mobile agents for the wireless mobile communication environment, and how to enable agent based mobile access to Multimedia Information Services.

 TACOMA - Operating system support for agents  
The TACOMA project (Tromsø And COrnell Moving Agents) focuses on operating system support for agents and how agents can be used to solve problems traditionally addressed by other distributed computing paradigms, e.g. the client/server model.

 Retsina: Reusable Environment for Task Structured Intelligent Network Agents - Carnegie Mellon Unive  
An architecture for developing distributed intelligent software agents that cooperate asynchronously to perform goal-directed information retrieval and information integration in support of performing a variety of decision making tasks.

 DESIRE Research Programme - University of Amsterdam  
The DESIRE research programme focusses on the study of compositional multi-agent systems for complex (and often distributed) tasks and development methods for these systems. In this research programme, the agent metaphor has been adopted as a point of departure: a complex task can be modelled as a composition of a number of tasks, each of which is performed by one or more agents; these agents can have the form of automated systems or human agents (users).

 The Ara Platform for Mobile Agents  
Ara is a platform for the portable and secure execution of mobile agents in heterogeneous networks. Mobile agents in this sense are programs with the ability to change their host machine during execution while preserving their internal state.

 Monads - University of Helsinki  
The research project Monads examines adaptive agents for nomadic users. The project designs a software architecture based on agents and implements prototypes based on that architecture.

 Acacia Project (INRIA)  
The Acacia project is a multidisciplinary project that aims at offering models, methods and tools in order to help the knowledge engineer to acquire knowledge from multiple expertise sources (experts and documents), for building a corporate memory (i.e. knowledge capitalization), a knowledge server or a knowledge-based system.

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