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 AI on the Web - Links  
This page points to other sites around the web with information on Artificial Intelligence. There are nearly 800 links to people, companies, research groups etc., organized by category, all on one page.

 AgentLink People Finder  
An alphabetical listing of links to homepages of those engaged in agent research. The listing is maintained by AgentLink, a coordinating organisation for research and development activities in the area of agent-based computer systems funded by the European Commission.

 Gerd Wagner  
Free University of Berlin. Research interests comprise the logical and conceptual foundations of databases, information systems and knowledge systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and workflow systems; agent-oriented information and process modeling, and agent-oriented information systems engineering.

 Gheorghe Tecuci  
Dr. Tecuci has published over 85 scientific papers, most of them in machine learning, knowledge acquisition, intelligent agents and artificial intelligence. He is most known for his work on multistrategy learning. He has directed the Learning Agents Lab of the Computer Science Department of George Mason University since 1995.

 Pete Edwards  
University of Aberdeen Department of Computing Science. His research interests are in the area of Machine Learning; specifically, the development of learning techniques for Intelligent Software Agents, and Data-Mining.

 Andy Wood  
Andy Wood is doing research on "Agent-Based Interaction" for a PhD in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. He has previously completed a BSc dissertation on the topic of Desktop Agents and co-authored a paper with Russell Beale on "Agent-Based Interaction" to appear at HCI'94.

 Pattie Maes  
Pattie Maes is an Associate Professor at MIT's Media Laboratory, where she founded and directs the Software Agents Group, and is principal investigator of the e-markets Special Interest Group. Previously, she was a visiting Professor and a Research Scientist at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

 Kristinn R Thorisson

 Henry Lieberman  
Henry Lieberman is a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Laboratory. He works with the Agents Group. He is especially interested in combining artificial intelligence with interactive graphics and human interface ideas. He is working on building software agents for interactive graphical applications that can learn from examples demonstrated by a user.

 Tim Finin  
Dr. Timothy W. Finin is a Professor in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department at UMBC, the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and serves as the director of the Institute for Global Electronic Commerce (IGEC). He has had over 20 years of experience in the applications of Artificial Intelligence to problems in database and knowledge base systems, intelligent information systems, expert systems, natural language processing, intelligent interfaces and robotics.

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