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 Object Management Group (OMG)  
The Object Management Group was founded in May 1989 by eight companies: 3Com, Corporation, American Airlines, Canon, Inc., Data General, Hewlett-Packard, Philips Telecommunications N.V., Sun Microsystems and Unisys Corporation. The consortium now includes over 800 members.

 Bee-gent Multi Agent Framework  
Bee-gent is a new type of development framework in that it is a 100% pure agent system. As opposed to other systems which make only some use of agents, Bee-gent completely "Agentifies" the communication that takes place between software applications. The applications become agents and all messages are carried by agents.

AMASE will investigate how to enhance existing agent platforms in order to support stationary and mobile agents for the wireless mobile communication environment, and how to enable agent based mobile access to Multimedia Information Services.

 MERL- A Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory  
Chartered in 1991 to conduct basic research on computers and their use, research projects at MERL tend to be interdisciplinary investigations combining human-computer interaction, social virtual reality, computer netowrks, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, multimedia and human learning and development.

 ITA Horizon Systems Laboratory  
Horizon Systems Laboratory is one of three Mitsubishi Electric ITA laboratories. In January, 1998, it produced Concordia, Advanced Java Mobile Agent Framework.

 Intelligent Agents Project at IBM T.J. Watson Research  
IBM T.J. Watson Research wants to develop intelligent agent technology that is highly reusable and easy to integrate with a broad spectrum of networked applications. Their reusable intelligent agents technology is embodied as an extensible structured class library, called RAISE for: Reusable Agent Intelligence Software Environment.

 BT - Innovation & Technology  
BT presents examples of the work they do at BT Laboratories and elsewhere in BT to develop products and services.

 Andersen Consulting - Center for Strategic Technology Research  
As Andersen Consulting's primary research organization, CSTaR explores the implications of convergence through five areas of inquiry: Technology Assessment, Electronic Commerce, Enhancing Human Performance, Collaboration, and Managing Intellectual Assets.

 HPLB Agent Technology Group  
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Bristol (HPLB) develops technologies that will contribute products and ideas to the Hewlett-Packard company. Their work covers a wide range of activities, including contributions to international standards, application-based research, product development and basic science. The Agent Technology Group is one of the project teams within the Labs with a longer-term research focus.

 FinderAgents - CSTaR  
Prototype finder agents from CSTaR, Andersen Consulting's primary research organization, cover a large range of information management tasks. They vary in goal-directedness, personalization, and proactivity.

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