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 Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS)  
The Swedish Institute of Computer Science is a non-profit research foundation. SICS mission is to contribute to the competitive strength of Swedish industry by conducting advanced and focused research in strategic areas of computer science, and actively promoting industrial use of new research ideas and results in industry and society at large. SICS works in a close collaboration with industry and the national and international research community.

 Agence pour la diffusion de l'information technologique (ADIT)  
The ADIT is a state-owned, industrial and business firm, under the authority of the Minister of Research and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (the Ministries of Defense, Economics and Industry are on the Board of Directors). The purpose of ADIT is to gather, process and circulate all available international scientific and technological information to further research for civilian and business purposes and help the development of French enterprises.

 Intelligent Software Agents and New Media  
The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence is a member of Agent Link, Europe's ESPRIT -funded Network of Excellence for agent-based computing. At ÖFAI basic and applied research is performed in several areas of AI, most notably: Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks (Connectionism), Machine Learning and Data Mining, Intelligent Software Agents and New Media

 Acacia Project (INRIA)  
The Acacia project is a multidisciplinary project that aims at offering models, methods and tools in order to help the knowledge engineer to acquire knowledge from multiple expertise sources (experts and documents), for building a corporate memory (i.e. knowledge capitalization), a knowledge server or a knowledge-based system.

 Swedish Institute of Computer Science Intelligent Systems Laboratory  
The Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISL) investigates and develops methods, tools and technology for the design and implementation of complex problem solving and adaptive software systems.

 Agents in IPI PAN - Polish Academy of Sciences  
Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN) was established in 1977 out of the Computation Centre of PAS which had existed since 1961. IPI PAN is now a leading national centre of research in computer science.

 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA)  
The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute is a center dedicated to research in Artificial Intelligence set up by the CSIC (Spanish Scientific Research Council). Their Research lines are learning systems, intelligent agents (reflective modular KB architectures, Multi-agent systems, Autonomous Robots), Autonomous Robots, etc.

 Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (ÖFAI)  
The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence was founded in 1984 with support from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research. Within the framework of the Federal Development Program of the Austrian Government Microelectronics and Information Processing the Institute was assigned key institute for research area S7 Artificial Intelligence.

LADSEB (Institute for Systems Science and Biomedical Engineering), an Institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), was founded in 1973. LADSEB contains the AI & Robotics group, divided in two sections: Uncertainty in Autonomous Systems and Conceptual Modeling and Knowledge Engineering.

 The GRACE Consortium  
The main objective of the project is to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence techniques, including advanced software engineering and Human-Computer Interface techniques, in command, control, communications and intelligence systems.

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